About Power To Lead

Today more than ever before, there is a need for courageous and competent values-based leaders! Power to Lead is a transformational Christian leadership programme based on Gospel values empowering participants to become value based leaders and assume leadership roles in their lives to make a difference. It prepares Christians by equipping them with the concepts, skills, techniques and inner motivation, both human and spiritual - based on a solid relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.

Leadership is influence! The world needs leaders, who can read the signs of the times, sift the messages they receive, discern the right course of action, equip themselves with the skills and develop the courage to take a stand for the TRUTH. Whether you are a CEO, media professional, educationist, entrepreneur, corporate executive, banker, accountant, doctor, professional or a parent, you need to influence the world around you.

Towards this end, Power to Lead is helping to train, equip and nurture leaders through an intensive and rigorous experiential learning initiative. A strong emphasis is on being a change agent by first transforming oneself and then the world. The program is designed to inspire leaders to become agents of change, fired with the vision and values of Christ.

Integrating principles from the bible with leadership skills, Power To Lead is a unique values-based leadership movement that aims to enable individuals to emerge as leaders in the home, in their workplace, in the Church and in Society. Cardinal Oswald Gracias has strongly recommended this programme for all Christians to become leaders in their sphere of influence.

375 participants over the last 11 years have discovered their life purpose, have sharpened their thinking skills, have learnt to influence and make a difference through Power to Lead. This experiential journey of 9 months offers deepened and interiorized faith, building relevance of Christ’s values in the modern context and a renewed passion and purpose for life based on the mind and heart of Christ.

Invest in yourself and enrol for the next Batch beginning July 2017 !

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  • Power To Lead has helped me immensely in my personal, spiritual, and corporate life.  It is a one-stop shop, where in experts from various fields come in and share their learning’s in a short time.  I would recommend this programme for one and all irrespective of their experience and position in the corporate world or business world.
    Raphael David Senior Project Delivery Executive, NTT Communications, Year 2016-2017
  • Power To Lead has given me self-confidence and banished some of my fears and inhibitions. It has made me assertive to stand up for myself at work, in society not forgetting to take into account others’ interests as well. It has given me a positive outlook towards life in order to help the less privileged ones of our society. It has taught me how to manage my time more efficiently. It has also helped me develop spiritually.
    Astrid Rapose Visa officer, Year 2011-2012
  • Power To Lead crushed me and made me whole. Seeking to add value to whatever you do, where ever you go & whoever you meet, I now sport a new thinking cap very out of the box. They taught me to look beyond my family, my community, and my church to actually see & accept people for whom they are...”Beautiful creatures of God.”
    Natalie Motha Housewife and Independent content writer, Year 2011-2012
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