Model Of Transformation

The approach to learning is based on tested adult-learning methodology which is experiential, learner centered, dynamic and workshop based. Since change does not happen overnight, Power to Lead is designed to bring gradual but effective transformation in individuals over a duration of 9 months. Power to Lead is thoughtfully structured in terms of its sessions and also has 3 marked projects applying concepts and skills of leadership as well as giving participants an opportunity to work in teams. Each participant is assigned a mentor who supports him/her to develop strengths, overcome obstacles, sharpen focus and work on goals. The structure of the programme is alternate Sunday interventions interspersed with time for reflection, journaling and submitting marked projects.

The contents of the programme are designed with Christ at the center of leadership, integrating Bible teachings with management principles and practical leadership skills. The programme addresses leadership essentials like awareness of the context of our world, Christian’s call to abundance of life, Christian leadership, change in thinking and change in the world, people skills, functional skills and transformational skills.

The contents of the training course are divided into four broad areas -
Self - To strengthen each individual to look within, reflect and develop the power to change.
Strategy - To enable each individual to develop a variety of thinking skills.
Leadership - To enhance each individual to improve his/her leadership skills and people skills with opportunities of working in a team and
Action - To energize each individual to follow his/her purpose and calling in life with action oriented goals.


  • Power To Lead has taught me the value of reading daily; especially the business papers, of avoiding procrastination, of appreciating the value of time and the wisdom of taking small steps to reach my many goals besides making a sincere effort towards caring for our environment.
    Caroline Bhavnani Director, CR Holidays Year 2015-2016
  • There was a feeling of getting stagnant & wanting a change. Power To Lead has been the right stimulus and it has helped Ignite and Explore Myself. The journey till date with PTL can be summarized as - Ignite, Explore Yourself and Lead the Way.
    Joseph Moraes Third ware Global Services, Sr. Delivery Manager-Implementation Services, Year 2014-2015
  • Power To Lead has helped me immensely in my personal, spiritual, and corporate life.  It is a one-stop shop, where in experts from various fields come in and share their learning’s in a short time.  I would recommend this programme for one and all irrespective of their experience and position in the corporate world or business world.
    Raphael David Senior Project Delivery Executive, NTT Communications, Year 2016-2017
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