At a time when all was going well in my most comfortable life —I troubled no one and no one troubled me, I thought this was a good policy for a comfortable life; and then Power to Lead came along, to knock the comfort out of my life! Power to Lead made me realize that there is so much to do in the world around me and that there’s so much that I can do. Power to Lead has been very focused and clear in communicating the elements of Christian leadership. As I see it, Jesus is the ultimate management Guru and His management principles have stood the test of time!

Michelle Pinto
Batch 004, 2009-10


  • There was a feeling of getting stagnant & wanting a change. Power To Lead has been the right stimulus and it has helped Ignite and Explore Myself. The journey till date with PTL can be summarized as - Ignite, Explore Yourself and Lead the Way.
    Joseph Moraes Third ware Global Services, Sr. Delivery Manager-Implementation Services, Year 2014-2015
  • Power To Lead has helped me immensely in my personal, spiritual, and corporate life.  It is a one-stop shop, where in experts from various fields come in and share their learning’s in a short time.  I would recommend this programme for one and all irrespective of their experience and position in the corporate world or business world.
    Raphael David Senior Project Delivery Executive, NTT Communications, Year 2016-2017
  • Power To Lead has taught me the value of reading daily; especially the business papers, of avoiding procrastination, of appreciating the value of time and the wisdom of taking small steps to reach my many goals besides making a sincere effort towards caring for our environment.
    Caroline Bhavnani Director, CR Holidays Year 2015-2016
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