Never thought I'd enjoy being back in a classroom again! Well this is exactly how I felt on the eve of my class every alternate Sunday at the Power to Lead program held at the Seminary. From the first full day class, where we'd begin at 8:30 am with breakfast chats, until 6 pm after mass, time really flew. Making new friends as we broke into groups and learning from each other as well as from eminent speakers made me feel like a student all over again. Only difference being this time was that I was learning more about myself and hence my self-worth kept increasing. We had sessions on understanding the Bible in today’s context, the uniqueness of Christian leadership and understanding of what it means to live life to the fullest. With short films and key videos, we understood that we are living in an ever-changing world and we were taught how to use the resources available in nature to navigate to a new world. How to conquer fear, change our perception to be the change we want to be, were some of the aspects of our training. Sessions trained us on functional roles in an organization, goal setting, taking on leadership challenges, time management, strategic and critical thinking, conflict management, behavioural patterns etc. By working on projects in groups and individually, we were able to conceptualize and finalize our dream projects. The best part was we were each assigned a spiritual as well as a professional mentor. Personally, I would recommend this program especially for young adults so that the foundation years of their life could be strengthened. But it is never too late for anyone else too who wishes to participate as learning is good for all ages!

Caroline Bhavnani
Batch 010, 2015-16


  • Power To Lead crushed me and made me whole. Seeking to add value to whatever you do, where ever you go & whoever you meet, I now sport a new thinking cap very out of the box. They taught me to look beyond my family, my community, and my church to actually see & accept people for whom they are...”Beautiful creatures of God.”
    Natalie Motha Housewife and Independent content writer, Year 2011-2012
  • Power To Lead first helped me realize that every single living being was very important and precious to God and He can use just one person in this whole world to make a difference. This was the beginning of a new and solid foundation of loving myself, getting out of my comfort zone and reaching out to people in the right direction.
    Merlyn Fernandes Financial planner/ advisor, Year 2011-2012
  • Power To Lead has given me self-confidence and banished some of my fears and inhibitions. It has made me assertive to stand up for myself at work, in society not forgetting to take into account others’ interests as well. It has given me a positive outlook towards life in order to help the less privileged ones of our society. It has taught me how to manage my time more efficiently. It has also helped me develop spiritually.
    Astrid Rapose Visa officer, Year 2011-2012
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