The journey through this path of Power to Lead has been fantastic! It has imbibed in me the much-needed Christian values of leadership. Some of these values we learnt during our preparation for confirmation but sadly forgot during the course of our lives. These values have helped me develop as an individual. Power to Lead has also equipped me with some of the finance and management tools and concepts. The combination of these leadership principles (with Christian Values) and management concepts has enhanced my efficiency and effectiveness in my sphere of work, as well as enabled me to bring out the best in others. The program gave me the direction to progress towards a better work- life balance and above all strengthened my understanding of my purpose in life. It made me realize that God has called me to lead. During the course of the programme as well as on the day of certification, I met and forged friendships with people from a wide spectrum of social backgrounds and industry. This opened up a huge network of possibilities and opportunities. My take - This is a small investment that you can make for yourself and future as you will not find a course like this anywhere else which is specifically designed for Catholics. It would help to keep in mind that over 375 people have experienced this transformation already!

Trini D’Souza
Batch 010, 2015-16


  • Power To Lead crushed me and made me whole. Seeking to add value to whatever you do, where ever you go & whoever you meet, I now sport a new thinking cap very out of the box. They taught me to look beyond my family, my community, and my church to actually see & accept people for whom they are...”Beautiful creatures of God.”
    Natalie Motha Housewife and Independent content writer, Year 2011-2012
  • Power To Lead has taught me the value of reading daily; especially the business papers, of avoiding procrastination, of appreciating the value of time and the wisdom of taking small steps to reach my many goals besides making a sincere effort towards caring for our environment.
    Caroline Bhavnani Director, CR Holidays Year 2015-2016
  • Power To Lead has enabled me to develop a focus and find the treasure in my life. By participating in various interactive sessions, my way of looking at the world has changed. I have realized that I have to let go of inconsequential little things in order to have time and energy for things that are more important not only to me but others as well.
    Michelle Wadhwani Chief Manager, Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd, Year 2015-2016
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