The humble ant is a great example of what one can accomplish, irrespective of size. Carrying loads far greater than its size, it plans for the future, works hard, partners with others in teamwork and is highly disciplined. If an ant gets into the ear or the trunk of an elephant, it can cause the elephant to run amok. The ant can literally move mountains! There is much to learn from one so small, from one so insignificant! As Leaders, we need to discover the power within ourselves. Often our fears hold us back from achieving our dreams. We look at our past, at our status, at what we do not have, at our constraints and we give up before even beginning to conceive winning. We fail to discover what we can accomplish through the power within. Timur, the 14th century Mongolian warlord who to rebuild the Mongolian empire drew strength from the ant. At a time when he had run from a battle that had gone against him, Timur is said to have taken shelter in a forest. While feeling sorry for himself he observed an ant trying to carry a grain of rice twice its size up the side of a tree. Time and again, the ant struggling with its footing and its heavy cargo fell to the ground, only to get up again and start the climb all over again. However, after the 50th attempt, the tiny ant managed to carry its precious load all the way up the tree into its nest. ‘If a tiny ant can do it, so can I’. He resolved that he would never lose hope and eventually around 1370 he defeated his rivals. Would you like to discover the power to create the life you want, the power to make a difference? You already have considerably more power than you may have realized, and the source of that power is already within you!

Dr. Ruth D’Souza
Program Director


  • Power To Lead crushed me and made me whole. Seeking to add value to whatever you do, where ever you go & whoever you meet, I now sport a new thinking cap very out of the box. They taught me to look beyond my family, my community, and my church to actually see & accept people for whom they are...”Beautiful creatures of God.”
    Natalie Motha Housewife and Independent content writer, Year 2011-2012
  • Power To Lead has enabled me to develop a focus and find the treasure in my life. By participating in various interactive sessions, my way of looking at the world has changed. I have realized that I have to let go of inconsequential little things in order to have time and energy for things that are more important not only to me but others as well.
    Michelle Wadhwani Chief Manager, Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd, Year 2015-2016
  • Power To Lead has given me self-confidence and banished some of my fears and inhibitions. It has made me assertive to stand up for myself at work, in society not forgetting to take into account others’ interests as well. It has given me a positive outlook towards life in order to help the less privileged ones of our society. It has taught me how to manage my time more efficiently. It has also helped me develop spiritually.
    Astrid Rapose Visa officer, Year 2011-2012
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