Dr. Raja Smarta

Dr. Raja B. Smarta - Founder & Chairperson, Power to Lead

Dr. Smarta is the Pioneer, Founder and Managing Director of a Management Consultancy firm ‘Interlink’. Being a thought leader Dr. R. B. Smarta has designed management agendas for profitable growth, relevant expansion, launching new concepts, ideas and projects for national and global clients in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and the Healthcare sector for over three decades.

Dr. Ruth D'Souza

Dr. Ruth D’Souza - Founder & Director, Power to Lead

Dr. Ruth is the Managing Director of Integreat People – a leading corporate training firm, specializing in helping sales and marketing teams develop the execution edge. She is a much sought after facilitator for her practical, implementation oriented approach and her ability to bring about a transformation in the knowledge, skills and mindsets of sales and marketing teams. Dr. Ruth has worked extensively to develop values-based leaders in all industries.

Fr. Cleophas Fernandes

Fr. Cleophas Fernandes - Founder & Core Team, Power to Lead

Fr. Cleophas is currently the Parish Priest of St. Pius X Parish, Mulund. He has been the Director, NBCLC, Bangalore, and has served as a priest of the Archdiocese of Bombay for 40 years enabling him to make liturgical celebrations vibrant. He has recently edited a book “Adult Faith” published in the year 2016.

Fr. Keith D’Souza

Fr. (Dr.) Keith D’Souza - Founder & Core Team, Power to Lead

Fr. (Dr.) Keith D'Souza, sj, is Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at St. Pius X College, the Archdiocesan Seminary of Mumbai. He is the President of the Association of Christian Philosophers of India (ACPI) and is on the Provincial Team of the Bombay Province Jesuits.

Fr. Roland Fialho

Late Fr. Roland Fialho - Founder & Core Team, Power to Lead

Fr. Roland was the Spiritual Director at St. Pius X College, the Archdiocesan Seminary of Mumbai. He was the Coordinator of the "Ministry of the Word" Programme for the past six years. He was also a part of the "Emmaus Encounter" Retreat Team and was also the Moderator of Permanent Deacons.

Fr. Mario Mendes

Fr. Mario Mendes - Core Team, Power to Lead

Fr. Mario is currently the Director of Centre for Social Action (CSA) the official body for social work of the Bombay Diocese. He is a professor at St. Pius X College, the Archdiocesan Seminary of Mumbai and was earlier the promoter of the Small Christian Communities in the Bombay Diocese.

Aubrey Corda

Mr. Aubrey Corda - Associate Director - Power to Lead

Mr. Aubrey Corda has worked for large IT Firms like IBM, Wipro, CA Technologies and L&T InfoTech for close to 30 years. He is now an advisor on Industry Strategy and Business Development to providers of technology solutions to the financial services industry. He is also an alumnus of Batch 001 of Power to Lead.

Mr. Vincent D’Silva

Mr. Vincent D’Silva - Core Team, Power to Lead

Mr. Vincent has 25 years of work and consulting experience in reputed organizations in the areas of Business Strategy, Marketing and Leadership Development. He is currently the Executive Director of ‘Silva Management Services’ offering corporate training and coaching services in the domains of Personal Effectiveness, Managerial Competency Development and Sales Excellence. He is also an alumnus of Batch 004 of Power to Lead.


  • There was a feeling of getting stagnant & wanting a change. Power To Lead has been the right stimulus and it has helped Ignite and Explore Myself. The journey till date with PTL can be summarized as - Ignite, Explore Yourself and Lead the Way.
    Joseph Moraes Third ware Global Services, Sr. Delivery Manager-Implementation Services, Year 2014-2015
  • Power To Lead has taught me the value of reading daily; especially the business papers, of avoiding procrastination, of appreciating the value of time and the wisdom of taking small steps to reach my many goals besides making a sincere effort towards caring for our environment.
    Caroline Bhavnani Director, CR Holidays Year 2015-2016
  • Power To Lead has given me self-confidence and banished some of my fears and inhibitions. It has made me assertive to stand up for myself at work, in society not forgetting to take into account others’ interests as well. It has given me a positive outlook towards life in order to help the less privileged ones of our society. It has taught me how to manage my time more efficiently. It has also helped me develop spiritually.
    Astrid Rapose Visa officer, Year 2011-2012
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